Narrowed Down the Issue


i have found out where the problem lies...i have become aware of how to use unix and now when i open mysqld i get this

Alix:/Library/MySQL/bin alix$ /Library/MySQL/bin/mysqld_safe; exit
Starting mysqld daemon with databases from /Library/MySQL/var
rm: /tmp/mysql.sock: Operation not permitted
STOPPING server from pid file /Library/MySQL/var/
050815 20:32:01 mysqld ended

[Process completed]

so, first of all there was not a file hd/Library/MySQL/var/tmp/mysql.sock so i created the tmp folder and mysql.sock file and typed 734 and saved the document. still nothing happened...i got the same response.

then i looked up the file and it seems i have a file named Alix.local.err and a file name, but not one named So i created this file and still kept the other two, but nothing has happened yet.

Any thoughts?