Need Help: Favorites and Entourage


Hello Everyone,

Im new to MAC computers and I work at a large Architecture firm where MAC's are very common. Unfortunately, im not going through MAC training for another few weeks and have an immediate problem.

It is actually 2 problems.

Problem #1:

I am using OSX 10.3, and have Netscape installed. One of the users was just moved to a PC and I need to transfer his favorites to the PC from the MAC. Can someone please explain how I would do this.

Problem #2:

The same user needs his email moved to the new PC. He was using MS Entourage on the MAC, and will be using Outlook on the PC. How would I go about doing this.

Please keep in mind, I don't know where to find the favorites or the mail database, so please give as much detail as possible.

Thanks in advance.

1. With Netscape you should be able to find a way to export the Bookmarks as an HTML file. Then send this file to the PC and import the HTML bookmarks with Netscape or better yet, FireFox for PC.

2. With Entourage under the menu item "File" should be a menu item for "Export". Just export the settings you want and send them to the desired PC and import them into Outlook. This should work.