Need help setting a wirelss printer to connect with my Mac


My son has a 10.6.8 iMac and an HP Envy 5530 wireless printer and he can't connect. HP says there is 3 ways to connect:

1) Wireless direct between computer and printer
2) Through a wireless router
3) Through USB cable

At his location, he does not won the wireless router and therefore cannot change any of ts settings - although I am not sure he would need to anyway.

I am wondering if it pays to fool around with trying to get wireless to work. Would it be easier just to buy a USB cable?
First can your son ping the router from his Mac? If he can just put that wireless printer's IP in your browser address bar. This will take you to that printer's wiki settings page.
There are/were some HP models that need to be hardwired to the computer (usb cable) first for set up before the wireless will connect. Once that is done, you should be able to connect wirelessly between computer and printer - that is as long as he has a wireless card installed on the computer.