Need orb tools driver disc !.4.2 for mac...where can i find it ???...



Have a 2.2GB ORB Drive...I'm running Mac OS 9.2.2 on Mac G4...

Need to find ORB Tools Driver Disc 1.4.2 For Mac...Have tried a couple of download links supposed to have this...But, NO LUCK !!!...

Need to install drivers so that the drive will be recognized...Then will be able to recover info.from ORB discs...

Where can I find this disc ???...

Help Much Appreciated...Thanks in advance !!!...


That Macupdate link attempts connecting to an ftp server, probably at Castlewood (which is long gone), and eventually times out.
I found another couple of software download sites, which also try for that same ftp link.
I've not had any luck discovering working links to download the Orb tools installer.

I think your hint about trying a SCSI to FW adapter in 10.4 for retrieving files may work, but I certainly don't have an Orb drive.
Some older threads describe removing certain adaptec drivers, and restarting with the Orb drive attached. Could be that 10.4 does not need that mod - but I don't know.


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From my research, using the Firewire adaptor in OS X does not need a driver. Using a USB adaptor is iffy and not reliable.