Need to convert wmv to itunes, whats the best way


I've been having a problem with every software out there it seems. I've got a Parallels VM running on my leopard 10.5.2 and even I tried some programs out and they just weren't very user friendly.

I've got about 10 gigs of my training videos, I'd like to import to iTunes and use it instead of Windows media player on my VM.

I've tried video converter for mac, handbrake, a bunch of other programs for pc some freeware, some not, I just want an easy way to batch this all up and run at night while i'm sound asleep.

The problems I've been running into are related to the WM codec for either Flip4Mac or whatever, I don't get audio when playing with quicktime. So i don't know if a mac program will even convert the audio then if there is no audio coming from when I play the file.

thanks for any help/suggestions! appreciate it.


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Well the program VisualHub (which is shareware) probably will do the job for your videos.


actually I tried visualhub. It doesn't do it. it keeps crashing and won't let me convert the wmv files. they aren't protected or anything either.


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In past years, Mac WMV support has always been a version behind. I'm not sure what the situation is now. Unfortunately, Microsoft doesn't work very hard to get WMV's working on OS X. There have always been videos that we couldn't watch at all.

You might want to look at VLC if you haven't already, though it's a general video player and not specifically a batch utility. It was actually designed to be a LAN video server, so it may even be able to to your conversions. I'm not familiar with its advanced features.



Perhaps try the Shareware Flip4Mac - the fully featured product allows transcoding from WMV to any supported Quicktime format


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VLC can indeed convert videos. It can also play WMV3 (Windows Media 9 video). Its conversion features are not nearly as easy to use as VisualHub, but they usually get the job done. If you want to access the more advanced conversion options, you'll need to use it from the command line. In the GUI, you can access the simpler features with the "Streaming/Exporting Wizard" under the File menu.

AFAIK, the only WMV files you cannot convert on Macs these days are protected ones.