Netgear shows intruders and I'm scratching my head


I've got a Netgear600 and a Netgear Extender. When I run the I get a list of weird items (including this computer at the top....) I've run all of them through a "MACADDRESS" app, and a number of them are UNKNOWN (some of them are obvious). Attached will show this list).

However, I also run the NetGearGENIE and I've identified everything that appears to be connected to the network (the other attached).

I have WP2Personal security setup but I've had some connection issues, especially with all the storms we've had, requiring me to reset, etc. (And I have yet to figure out how to change "admin" and "password" to something else when signing on to the routerlogin. I have a username and password set for the router itself... but sure don't get if there's a way to change that admin and password when signing on.

Any ideas as to how to remove this stuff, or whether to even worry about it?

Region capture 14.png

Region capture 12.png


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i don't wave a NetGear router but another brand for my Gateway router. In my router I setup "DCHP Reservations" for all my connected gear.

Now is the screen you posted for the internal network or for external connected devices?