Networking help


I have a two mac mini's. One in my room and one in a room across the house. I work with mac's at my office so I know how to network them. However, when I try to connect to my other mini at home, I get an error that says "Incorrect user name or password, or login is disabled". I'm not sure what this means. I turned on AppleTalk and I setup everything correctly. My username and password are fine (I double checked). I don't know what to do. Someone please help.

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At the risk of sounding condescending, I think we need to start at the basics rather than trust that everything is set up correctly -- if it were, there wouldn't be a problem, yes? ;)

Ok, so we've got two machines hooked up, and both machines have "File Sharing" enabled in the "Sharing" pane of the System Preferences, right? Also, when you're connecting from one machine to the other, you are using the username/password of the remote machine (the one you're connecting to) to log in, correct? Also, is this a wired or wireless network? How exactly are the machines networked (CAT5 with a hub/switch/router, AirPort, etc.)?

Also, how are you trying to connect? FTP? SSH? AppleTalk? AFP? SMB? Remote Desktop?
If anything I recommand connecting afp://ip_address_to_your_home - just a common question, you do have a static IP address to your home lan line right? Just making sure. Just start with the basics other than that.
I'm connected through a LAN. I'm using AppleTalk. File sharing is on. Networked with a Linksys cable router. This is a picture of the error that I receive when I try to log on to my other computer. I still have no idea how to fix this. Please help/
Do you have a username named Keegan on that mac? If not, create a new admin user and give him a name and a password, login using that name and password.
I have a username 'Keegan' on this mac. Why else would I type it in? I tried what you're suggesting as well.

Also, I just noticed that when I go to view all the computers on my network, my other computer shows up, it's slightly dulled. Duller than my 'servers' icon. I don't know what this means.
You have to login on the other mac as a user on that mac. So like its like this, to log into this forum, you don't type in your login user name for your mac do you? Nope, you type in a login name that resides on this forum. The same thing holds true for the other Mac mini to connect to it, you have to have a user that you can connect to and use on that Mac. If you try using your (the one you're using) login name for the mac you are on, it won't work for the other Mac. They both look into their own Net Info directory to get user information.

So here it is:
Create a user on Mac1
Use Mac2 to login via afp or whatever on Mac1 (how you're trying to get to your shared folders or that)