NetZero Blues - Won't launch in 10.0.4


The install works wonderfully, but when I try and launch from the dock or the original file, it just won't work.

Is there a way that I can get to a log that will help me figure out what might work or so I can post it?

I am connect to the internet via cable modem as I'm trying it launch the app, can that affect it?

I'm tempted to say that NetZero is not compatible with OS X version 10.0.4 (a pretty old version of Mac OS X), but NetZero's site doesn't list specific Mac OS X versions that it's compatible with.

I would try calling NetZero's support line and specifically asking them if the NetZero software will work on Mac OS X version 10.0.4 -- specifically stating, "Mac Oh Es Ten, Ten Point Oh Point Four" -- make sure they don't confuse it with Mac OS X 10.4, though ("Mac Oh Es Ten, Ten Point Four").