new dvi graphics card in old g4 pci slot


Hi, I have an old dual processor G4 (version 2.9) 500MHz, running macosx 10.2.8 (soon to be changed to tiger), which currently has a 16MB Rage128pro PCI graphics card in (with VGA and ADC out i think).

I have recently bought a new 20inch flatscreen apple display which has a dvi connector.

I am confused at which graphics cards would work with this pre AGP system, if any. Could I get a really good new one (would there be any point?) or is there an older one that would work.

Any help would be much appreciated


U.S.D.A. Prime
If it's a dual-processor 500MHz machine and the Rage 128 card is the card that shipped with the system from the factory, then it's not PCI -- it's definitely an AGP card. You can use PCI video cards in your computer in any of the 3 PCI slots, but you also have an AGP slot that is much, much faster than the PCI slots.

The PCI Rage 128 graphics cards only had VGA out, while the AGP version had VGA and ADC outs.

Here are some cards that will work with your system (your system is a "Sawtooth" G4):