New Hard drive in Mac Mini problems


Reference > Mac Mini A1176

Following a hard drive failure, i put a new hard drive into my mac mini using one of the online guides. It seemed to go very well and I'm good at following such things and tech savvy. The drive was a working one from another mac mini (which was replaced to increase capacity) but I had reformatted it on my MacPro (Mac OS Extended, Journalled).

I was expecting to be able to restart the machine following reassembly, and holding down C on startup, reinstall from a Leopard DVD. However, it simply shows a white screen with a circle, with a diagonal cross through it, as seen here (although that looks like it's being booted in parallels or vmware, I'm not doing that).

Any advice about how to get it to boot to the CD so I can install MacOS normally?
The prohibitory sign, when it appears when you are trying to boot to a bootable disk, probably means that the disk is not one that will boot your particular Mac, likely the OS X version is too old.
Can you be more specific about which mini you have? The quickest way to check is to count the USB ports (4), and look for the full-size DVI connector on the back (not the newer mini-DVI, and mini DisplayPort connectors). If there's 5 USB ports, then 10.5 is too old to install, and you need at least 10.5.6