New Imac G5 Super Slow Modem Connection


I just got an imac G5 (2ghz) and the internet connection is super slow - 28800. I previously had my old imac G3 hooked up to the same line, same outlet and was consistently hitting 48800 to 49333 speeds. I have read some on the boards on the apple site where the best solution they have come up with is to buy and external modem and use that.

It seems to me that there has to be a better solution.

I have checked all the settings, tried lower scripts (90, 34, etc) as well as different numbers, but with no difference.

It seems to me that there has to be a simple solution to this. Please help.

Sadly, conventional phone lines are VERY sensitive to interference.

Are you using the same cable as before, or did you swap to the white modem cable that comes with the iMac? Perhaps the cable itself is no good. Use the shortest possible cable for the job.

Do you have Bluetooth or Airport Extreme in your new iMac? If so, try turning them off (if you are using the Bluetooth keyboard/mouse you'll need to borrow USB ones) to see if that might be interfering for some reason.

Remember also that the phone-line is running through your walls, so it might be picking up interference from any number of things. You can try moving the computer, as well as anything else that you may have moved when you were setting up the G5. For instance, did you have to move a stereo or a TV set?
Thanks for your response. I used the same outlet and phone cord that I had been using on the previous computer to make sure nothing went weird on me, but the cord I rather long, but, again, same cord I was previously getting the higher rates on. I didn't move any tv's or other electronics when I installed it - except the old computer. Bluetooth and airport are both off and I have a standard usb keyboard and mouse. I did read a thread on the Apple discussion board of someone who had the same problem that bought an external modem that was used that alleviated the problem. But, call me crazy, I'd like to think that the internal one should work properly without having to buy an external. Any other thoughts would be helpful and thanks for your time.
The internal modem is working perfectly fine, but some modems are more sensitive to data rates aboe 28800 than others. While some modems may connect at 44000 bps or more with identical jacks and lines, some modems may refuse to connect at anything higher than 33600 or even 28800.

It's probably that the newer Mac modems are more sensitive, or that we just suffer from sub-par modem scripts and drivers. There's not much you can do about it short of using a different modem.

If you're in an area that offers broadband, you may want to check out the prices... where I live, DSL lines run about $14 a month -- $6 cheaper than most dial-up ISPs around here.