New Mac Minis?


rumours has it that Apple is about to bump the Minis again, although it is only a couple og months since they last did it..

according to Think Secret the new minis are already in transit, on their way to the retailers.

I'm sure they will be updated, as I just bought one about 2 weeks ago. I'm not really too bummed, as it's a very very minor update.
I think that's the only thing holding it back....with the exception of the slow drive in it, of course. But I can live with that since I have had 5400 RPM drives before and haven't had any complaints. The video is the only issue I have with the mini, and I'm hoping that Apple upgrades that soon, especially once the move to Intel takes place.
i don't buy it. why put dual layer, 8x superdrives on the mac mini? and the 4200 rpm drives are becuase of heat dissipation. i'm not denying the upgrades, but they will be different
I will predict that the high end 1.5 GHz model will have 64 MB upgraded video. Also, likely an optional 100GB/5400 rpm hard drive.
Personally they should update the eMac way before they even consider the Mac Mini. I think the eMac needs a total new overhaul.
If they made the eMacs slim like the iMacs then I'd buy one right there and then. The only trouble I have with my eMac is its size. Though its awesome that Apple has everything in this monitor, and it does impress my friends, its still bulky and hard on desk space.
Well...lifting it is the 2nd problem you see. I can lift and I suppose throw it, but I would have to ask nicely for my victim to stand close and still.
5400rpm drives work fine in notebooks, so they should work fine in Mac minis. Apple can always solve the heat problem. ;) ... However, I just don't think faster drives are that important for the mini. If you need a faster drive, you'll use a FW drive, anyway. (Same goes for large capacity in my opinion...)
They Shouldn't Do That!!!!!!!!! Thye Needs To Put Dual G5s In The Mini!!!!!!1 And 250gb Sata Drives!! That Would Be Soo Cool!!! I Would By One Str8 A Way!!!!! And A Floppy Drive Cos I Hav All These Floppys I Need To Use Apple Iz Stupid For Not Letting People Have Floppy Drives I Mean Everyone Has One Itz Just So Stuppid
no, i just felt like a bit of irony. mac minis are fine, for what they are. i'd like them to reissue the first issue bottom of the line one again, and cut £75 off the price. they're making them better and keeping the price the same, ergo they must be able to make the old ones cheaper. i want a £300 mac mini.
So in part of the packages that read "1.42 GHz" around the world, there's going to be 1.5 GHz computers that have a better graphics card, too. Hmm... Even though I understand they don't want the 'old' models to stay on the shelves, I think that strategy is a bit fishy. Although, of course, only for those who _know_ there are supposed to be better Mac minis out there. If you think you buy a 1.42 GHz machine and get one, everything's okay. If you get an 1.5 GHz one, even better. But if you're looking for those faster machines, that's going to be a tad more difficult for a while. ;)
Confirmed by Apple, according to the Yahoo!/AP/MacCentral.

“Some Mac mini systems may contain components that slightly exceed the published specifications,” said Apple in a statement provided to MacCentral. “There are no changes to the published specifications or part numbers.”
Mmm, just been reading your comments on the mac mini's.
The other day, I went in to PC World in Swindon and try to buy a mac mini. The shop assistant said he didn't have any in - and he wouldn't be getting anymore in either!
I tried to buy the "shop soiled" one off the shelf and he wouldn't even sell me that!!!
He then informed me that mac weren't making any more mini's and are bringing out a new model.
Fuel to the fire anyone? ::ha::