New MAC OS X Lion - Printer issue


I'm trying to setup my Dell 1815dn printer and I get an error about powerpc applications are no longer supported for my print driver. the printer is setup on my network so is there a way that I can use a different driver that will allow me to print using the IP? or how can I get drivers that will work...
One choice is to open (and install) the driver on a Mac running a system older than Lion.
Snow Leopard works fine (I just tried it to make sure)
There's only one file that is actually the driver, so you can then copy the folder with the driver to the comparable printer folder on your Lion Mac system.
The driver can be found in the /Library/Printers/PPDs/Contents/Resources/en.proj folder

Or, maybe you can discover who really made that printer (hint: it's not Dell), Lexmark manufactures most Dell printers.
Maybe someone here can offer a source page that can identify the printer, and provide other possible drivers for it.