New PowerBook on Tuesday ?

Hm. Maybe the SteveNote was called off so people would _not_ expect new hardware. Makes it easier to surprise people? :) ... I sure hope Apple moves forward.
isn't customary of apple to release these kinds of updates on tuesday's one or two weeks following a big announcement? (ipod nano)

I've personally been thinking this to be the case once the Nano was unveiled.
there's no keynote at all at the expo.

so i doubt we'll see anything new as there will be no presentation platform. if apple we're going to change the form factor / release new ibooks / pb's then they'd want a hoo-haa.

also - i think the next time we'll see new form factors in the laptop line will be when they go over to intel chips.
Keynote is not equivalent to new product. The iPod nano was not announced during a keynote. Steve will be at the Expo. So everything is there for something a little special.
The iPod nano was most definitely announced at a "keynote" presentation. Just because it wasn't an "Expo" doesn't make it any less of a keynote/staged presentation.

I think what parb.johal is getting at is that Apple rarely changes a product significantly without some sort of staged announcement. It's highly unlikely that we'd just happen to visit the Apple store one day and see a completely different form-factor PowreBook -- a completely different PowerBook would most certainly be announced during some sort of staged presentation headed by Steve himself or someone very high up in the company.
The question remains, what is below the dark cover ? A new Xserve ?
It would be nice to have new Powerbooks, with the last G4s before the Intel transition. Hopefully, they will be dual core and the Powerbook 12" will finally ditch the fx 5200 and actually get a decent video chip, like the x300 while the larger Powerbooks go for the x800.
Dual core G4 processors won't be available until 3rd quarter 2006 IIRC, but then we'll want intel.
Hm. That wouldn't have been under those covers, though, since that was already released...