New Printer/scanner Time, Again


Yes, it is that biannual or so ritual of buying another printer/scanner. I have had them all and I just hate it. The current printer is a Canon. All seemed well then the dreaded print head error that has people going insane all over the web. The troubleshooting recommendation by Canon does nothing (and many others online agree). My option is to send it in for service. Are you kidding? Prior to this I had an Epson worksmart or something, and it died a premature death too. Before that HP and awful awful driver issues (of which I see some very recent posts here).

Now in my shopping I see HP has some slimey ink gimmick where you "register" for some deal where you get "free ink" for life, but the darn thing is locked down to print a certain limit per month?!?!?

HP is out. If anyone can recommend a reliable non ink sucking printer/scanner, that will last at least two years, I would appreciate it.
I've been thru them all too! Canon, by far, lasts longer than the others. However, that's not a recommendation on my part.
HP has been pretty good for me. I haven’t had any problems with the Photosmart. I learned to ignore their gimmick.
My preference goes to Canon inkjet printers for nearly 10 years now, and Epson scanners.