New User Account Problems


This is on the latest Panther:
I hopped on my girlfriends iBook which has been running great, I needed a new account for myself so I could do some coding work and not clutter up her desktop.

I gave it admin priviledges and logged on only to find the Dock full of question marks besides "Finder".
Attempting to go into System Preferences doesn't fix the situation as it won't even open.

Using the finder to find app files draws a blank.
Applications -> Utilities is missing all of the .app files and its left me with a shell of an OS really as I can't really do anything.

I have repaired the permissions from the account which works, but that has not fixed the problem. I have also recreated accounts only to encounter the same problem.

The original account remains in working order but any new accounts are broken.

Thanks in advance for any help!
Have you girlfriend delete that account. Then before she creates another user account, have her open Applications>Utilities->Disk Utility and then "Repair Permissions". After have her reboot then try to add the user again. Then report back if that does not work.
I did this and it sorta worked, now system preferences works.

I still have no access to any .app files it seems, and when the new profile was created, the dock was full of question marks where programs were meant to be.

Another question: When you run Repair Permissions does it always find something to repair? Because every time I run it, it fixes something.
Should I keep running it until it doesn't find anything to fix?
Drag the question marks off and drag the Apps to the Dock.

There will always be something found when Repair Permissions, this is normal.

Post the results and we'll let you know if there's a problem with that.
Trying to drag Applications onto the dock just made me realise the new account doesn't even have its own Applications directory.
It just has a link to the main applications folder and trying to drag it onto the dock does nothing.

If I just create an applications directory in the home directory is there any chance OSX will fill it in automatically or is that wishful thinking.
Thanks alot for your time. =)