New user with lost/swapped Tiger icons


Hello, new user here. I found your site after trying a google search for my concern to no avail.

I've been a casual Tiger now (fully updated) for a couple of months and something wierd has been happening. My iTunes and Preview application icons have turned into what looks like a script icon. I havn't done a complete search to see what other apps are doing this. I tried repairing my permissions but no avail. Not sure what to do, I remeber being able to 'rebuild desktop' of yester-os but it's now quite the same is it.

I also nust noticed that when I try to open a generic .jpg, it opens ColorSynch Utility instead of Preview as it should (or did just couple of days ago).

Current system: PowerMac G4 Sawtooth w/ 1.5Ghz OWC G4, ATI 8500, 1GB RAM, 120GB HD (OS X.4.2) and 14GB HD (OS 9.2.2).

Any ideas? Thanks.



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Well a program you installed (probably graphic related) did this to you. There are some easy fixes if you have a viable backup. From the backup do a Get Info on the program that you need an icon from (by highlighting the program and choose the Finder menu item "File" then choose "Get Info" - or do a command-i). When the "Get Info" window comes up (on the backup program), highlight the icon in the top light of the window, then do a copy (from the menu). Then go over to the offending same program on you startup drive, repeat the procedure but this time do a paste in the window. There, the icon has changed back to normal.

To get .jpg to open in Preview is easy to. Just Do a "get Info" on a .jpg and go down on the "Get Info" window and choose the"Open with" menu. After you change to "Preview" check the "Change All" button. You then are done!