Newby: DVD player s/w for Quicksilver


I am turning an old Power Mac G4 Quicksilver into a media server. This G4 came with a CD player only, so I have installed a Pioneer DVD player drive (DVR-109). I run OSX 10.3.9, 867Ghz, 1.1GB. The basic install I have does not have the Apple DVD player s/w installed. Where can I get it? - or what other DVD player s/w would you recommend I use? I just want to play DVDs, region free would be good.

Thanks, G.
VideoLanClient (VLC). ... It's _the_ answer.
About DVD Player not being installed on your Mac: You'd probably get it when reinstalling the software. Maybe you can install OS X onto a different drive and simply copy the DVD Player software over to your normal installation. However: That would not be region-free, then. VLC is, although its interface for DVD watching is not really 'there' yet. But it works just fine most of the time.
Or, you could use a program like Pacifist to extract the "DVD" application from the Mac OS X Install CDs/DVDs.

I do recommend VLC like fryke, though -- it's lean and fast. Plays movie files full-screen, full speed that QuickTime chokes on.
Thanks all, I have VLC running now and indeed it is nice and fast. All I need now is a better screen and I am still waiting for my M-Audio sound card and a Wifi adapter. After that this G4 will be fed some 500 CD's and I am in business! 340Gig of Hard Drive and iTunes, connected to my audio processor for D/A, a killer Neva Audio amplifier and my self-designed closed box 8" woofer + 1" compression driver speakers (high efficiency; lots of dynamic range ;-).

As a first time Mac user, I am impressed... it just works. Very, very easy, compared to PC. If I have any more questions I am sure I will be back. Thanks for having me, much appreciated.