newby to OS X


i'm curious...

how does one change the "short name", and therefore, the "home" name once it is already entered. it seems i cannot find a way to get the "Users" pref to allow me to edit it!

also, the Classic DVD player doesn't seem to work... is there one for OS X? i haven't found it yet.

thanks a bunch!
1/ I don't know how to change the short name, don't think it's possible... I suggest creating a new user, next transferring over files to new user

2/ Classic DVD player doesn't work in Classic environment, you have to reboot to 9.1 to watch DVDs. DVD-playback is currently impossible on the Mac OS X platform: the 10.1 update due in September will fix this. I've heard there's a third party-solution to play DVDs on X, I have no experience with it (don't have a DVD-drive) - I only suggest trying to find it if you're an experienced user (it's kinda complicated).
thanks! i tried creating another user already... however, this didn't seem to work for some reason. apparently, the first one entered is special or something.

i don't understand why there is no allowance for changing a name anywhere. i guess it's one of those oversights of Apple in this premature OS X version.
The first user you create has the "Admin" status, this means that he can do more than a regular user (delete/access certain files/directories).

If you login using that first user (with Admin status) you can give other (newly created) users the same status... (in the Users panel of the SysPrefs)
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