NO avi file works on Quicktime Pro 7



Since I upgraded to Quicktime 7 PRO, it hasn't played ONE avi file. All I get is a white screen and a referral link to codecs which don't help.

There's so many different .avi codecs, I think I remember seeing a list of about 20 different ones.
I only have a handful of .avi files, and all play in Quicktime 7.
Try one of the other major video players on the Mac, such as MPlayer or VLC. they both handle what I have.
What codecs are these avis using? In QuickTime Player, you should be able to see by hitting command-i or command-j.

AFAIK, anything that worked in QT6 ought to work in QT7 (although 3ivx's performance is much worse, so I recommend installing Divx alone instead of both now). Are you sure all your old codecs are still installed? They should be in "/Library/QuickTime/".