No sound?


The sound of my Powerbook do not work. I think the soundcard is ok because when I restart I have the Mac sound.

I have done all the permision repairs, created a new user account and other things but still no sound :(


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Have you checked the settings for the sound? It could be muted for all you know.


Im have checked that yes!

There is no sound from any output. Headphones, speakers or bluetooth headset. I don't know if the startup sound uses the soundcard? but as i said I have a startup sound. I have a feeling that the problem came after i upgraded Quicktime to 7.0.2 but I am not sure.


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Have you tried either zapping of the pram or going into open firmware and resetting nvram?


zapping pram I tried, but how do I resett nvram?

Don't any body know if the startup boing/sound goes through the sound card???


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Reset Open Firmware.
Reboot your computer while holding down Command-Option-O-F. At the prompt, type

reset-nvram and hit the Return key, then type
reset-all and hit the Return key again. Your computer will reboot.