Nokia to G4 Ibook


hi just wondering if you might know how or where i can get drivers for a nokia data cable for a nokia 6680 and the mac version of nokia suite or something as good as the nokia pc suit as i wish to transfer music and various other files.
haven't got a bluetooth dongle but really want use the cable that came with the phone thought i'd try and ask someone first please if u could really help me with this matter i would be most grateful
many thanks
mark anderson

ps sorry forgot to tell u that i've got an g4 ibook running os X tiger
version 10.4.2
please help


U.S.D.A. Prime
There are no "drivers" you can use to make that phone work with Mac OS X if it already doesn't work with Mac OS X.

Here is a list of devices that are compatible with Mac OS X... if your device isn't listed, then you'd better be one heck of a programmer if you want it to work. Your phone is listed as "BlueTooth only":