Noobian Partitioning


Hi! I've been having a little stress with Bootcamp.

I'm running Leopard on my 13" Macbook. I partitioned the hard drive 50/50 and then restarted. Now when I go back into Bootcamp Assistant I get the same 'Introduction' window (with the options to print the Installation Guide or Continue). When I select continue I get a message saying that the startup disk doesn't have enough space to be partitioned (less than 10Gig of free space).

The Macbook is straight out of the box; other than installing Leopard and updating my Firmware nothing else has been done to it.

System profiler tells me that I have 2 memory banks, each of 512MB.

Disc Utility tells me that I have a capacity of 55.6Gig, with 4.5 available, and 51.1 in use. (Sorry if I'm being dence but is the 51.1 used just going to be the OS?)

Basically what I want to know is if the partitioning worked the first time, and if so why can't I start the windows installer? If I didn't have enough memory then how was I able to go though the partitioning process? Is there anyway of removing the partition without Bootcamp Assistant so I can just start over?

I'm useless on the technical side so if I'm just being blockheaded spell it out for me! It would be better than the silent treatment I'm getting on other help forums...

Thanks in advance for any help!


You can't use Boot Camp if your hard drive has more than one partition.
Boot Camp does the partitioning, and sets up that new partition to allow Windows to install.
If you used something other than Boot Camp to create a second partition, such as your Disk Utility, then you need to go into Disk Utility, and click on the drive, then the Partition button. Click on your blank partition (whichever one is blank), and click the minus (-) at the bottom of that window to remove that partition, so you have only the one partition.
Start Boot Camp again, and you should be able to create the partition for Windows then.