Nooooooooooooooooooo! My iBook is broken!!


cocoa love
Hi there i am in a state of extraodinary panic. My life, my future has come to an end. I threw my iBook yesterdayand now it isn't turning on all the way. I was able to start up using the Mac OS X CD but i think the hard drive oesnt work. It really sucks. I have no life without it. Can anyone help?!

You threw your iBook? It (hopefully) just losened a wire inside. Regardless, about all you can do is take it to an Apple Tech and hope for the best.

Or, try throwing it again and maybe that'll kick the wire back into place. :eek:
Sorry to hear about your iBook. Didn't you sell your iMac just a few weeks ago? Bad timing...
You THREW your iBook? You *THREW* it? Hmmm... I'll bet your warranty will cover the repairs, just as long as you don't open your mouth and admit to what you did!

Throwing ANYTHING usually breaks it. If I threw my microwave, I'd bet it would break. If I threw my TV, I'd bet it would break. Hell, if I threw MYSELF far enough, I'd bet I'd break that, too... and, henceforth and whither heretofore, throwing an iBook most likely would break it.

Good luck getting it repaired. Advice: don't throw it. Ever.
If u threw an TiBook, would it also break?

On NBC giga there once wuz a guy from Apple who threw his TiBook onto the floor, twice!! And it still worked!
Hey, if you can spare $3500 to do this "throw test," and you REALLY wanna know if it'll break or not, I say go for it. Unfortunately, us po' college students don't throw many things that cost that much for fear of the results.

My 17" Studio Display (CRT/VGA) just went out with the dreaded pop-dim-zoom symptoms, and it was all I could do to scrape together enough money to get a cheap-o CTX 17" monitor for just over $100. I'd venture to say that most people don't have this kind of cash laying arund that they can just "throw" away... hehe... no pun intended. Well, ok, maybe a LITTLE pun intended... ;)

Point-in-case: Let Apple do all the drop and throw testing. Don't do it yourself, and if you spend over $1000 on something that's delicate with many delicate parts inside, throwing it isn't a good idea. If you do decide to throw it, make sure I'm there so I can catch it... ;)
How dare you people talk of throwing a Ti (*petting my Ti* thats right little guy Ill keep those mean men away from you), this is worse than child abuse, how would you feel if your computer picked you up and threw you around or for that matter smashed thier fingers on your body in a typing manner all day, have you no feelings, are you all heartless bastards?????? :( :( :(
At a users group, someone was asking if there were any good "skins" for the TiBook to protect it. I asked him, "You mean something tougher than titanium?" :confused:

To quote Lost World: Technology and violence don't mix.

Hell no!! I'd never throw around a TiBook!!!! :eek: I'd never ever even throw around anything that has an Apple on it!!!!

I just reported that story wit the Apple guy to u, because it really had a deep impact on my mind!!! I wuz having nightmares for a long time n I just needed someone to talk about this! Now that I've done that, I feel much better! :)
Thank y'all guys :)
Saw a review in Australian MacWorld. The guys there were putting a clamshell iBook to the torture test. It came up (from memory) as:
ibook vs coffee - cleaned it out and it still worked.
iBook vs scooter - Scuffed up the case, but it still worked.
iBook left in freezer for a week - Allowed to thaw for a couple of days, it worked.
ibook in oven for 10 mins - melted the case, but it still worked.
iBook used as frisby - Cracked the screen, but still worked!
Makes ya' sick, doesn't it!
You THROW macs? ? ??? ?
You're sick.

I'm not throwing them, I'm just taking them apart and check if they work afterwards :D