Not showing hidden files in finder


Ok, I'm feeling pretty stupid today.

At some point on this particular machine I enabled finder to show hidden files. I can't remember where I set this at and I cannot find it again it seems.

Can anyone point me to where this setting is found? I'm stumped and feeling stupid.

...the easiest way to do this is using tinker tool... :)
you can get it from ...
Actually, it was AppleShowAllFiles in 10.0.x as well.

And err...setting it to ON wouldn't work. The type is supposed to be boolean (true/false/yes/no) - doing it that way would make it the string ON.

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles -bool true

..or false if you want to turn it off, like the original poster seemed to want to do ;)
Heh, I did try it out first - it came out as the string ON. 'Course, if you just do defaults write some.domain somekey true, that'll also make it the string true instead of a boolean true. So I knew it would convert the string true to boolean true. I hadn't actually looked to see if it converted the string on to boolean on/true/yes/whatever-else-it-may-be :p

But ShowAllFiles instead of AppleShowAllFiles never worked for me on 10.0.x. I thought that tip was just false until I found one that said to do AppleShowAllFiles - that one worked.