Nothing Exciting news from MacWorld?


Chic Not Geek
I dont see anything new. Only I know .Mac offer 1 gb backup that all.. No hardwares and softwares updating. Sucks.. :confused:
What were you expecting? Steve Jobs said he's not gonna be there... there's no keynote from Apple going on... did you expect Apple to just release new and updated hardware without a keynote with which to present it?

What Apple-branded software that you currently use needs updating?

What Apple-branded hardware that you currently use needs updating?

Answer: none of it. Updates don't do anything except inflate peoples' egos. A dual 2.7GHz G5 is plenty of horsepower for anyone, and it doesn't matter if it's the fastest thing on the Earth or not -- I can be more productive with a 1GHz machine than most people can with a quad processor G8 computer (speed != productivity).

Apple users get harder and harder to please every year. Sheesh. We have the best hardware in the world, the best software in the world, the most popular MP3 player in the world, and people still expect miracles every Expo.
Nope. I was hoping for a PB upgrade myself. I've been shopping but hate to buy right now. I did notice that PB's dropped $100 in the "Refurb" department on the Apple store which happened to the iMacG5's just preceeding a speed bump by two weeks.

BUT... I don't know... wish I had a crystal ball. If a new PB was coming out in say, 2 months, I'd wait, but if it was going to be June w/ Intel, I'd pick one up now and be done. It's the big waiting game we all get caught in and well... its not really fun.
And it's not a MacWorld. AFAIK, it has nothing to do with whatsoever. :) It's AppleExpo Paris.