now .mac with 1 GB, new backup


Marvelous Da Vinci
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.mac is the upgraded Apple service.

No revolution, just evolution.

backup backups all your iLife files in one click.
Sweet! I was running out of room with only 250GB.

Ok, I know there are some whiners out there that are going to complain like the dickens that they actually had to PAY for 1GB of storage in the past, and now 1GB of storage is free! What's it gonna be this time? Demanding refunds? Demanding double the storage? Complaining that Apple "screwed" them once again? Where are you?! I know you're out there!
I paid for the 1gb early this year, i am a little upset since the .mac cost so much $$$ to begin with. but hey i don't have to pay for it nextg year so this is a good thing, no complaints here
Who said it's free ?

1 GB is part of the basic subscription, but not free.
Lt Major Burns said:
1gb free? like completely free for all MacOS users?
No, only for .Mac subscribers.

On a side note, I just got home to my Mac, and checked my iDisk... not only am I NOT showing the new 1GB storage space, I'm showing 50MB less than what I was yesterday!

For some reason my iDisk is only 200MB now (for both iDisk and .mac eMail!). Both the .Mac System Preference pane and the iDisk in the Finder confirm this. Ugh. Hopefully they'll get it straightened out soon so I can put that 1GB to good use.
Yeah, I'm using the groups already. My better halves mother is coming over to visit from Australia, so we're using it for both sides of the family on either side of the world to keep up to date on what's happeneing.

I set it up a couple of days ago. I have to say, my greatest concern is the amount of commuinication going on between our parents.