Now they kill for iPods

That is ****ing disgusting.

The white headphones are too much of a giveaway, I saw something in the news here in the UK a couple of years ago that muggers target people with such headphones.

A waste of life for a bloody iPod.
That's right, they were pretty much targeted, especially in London. Hell, even a friend of mine in nearby Weymouth was attacked, and had his iPod earphones stolen (guy just pulled them hoping to get the iPod...).

It's sad, but I could never imagine it going to this level.
It never surprises me just how low wretched 'humans' are willing to go, we claim to be so evolved, so wise. We're just savages. I hope they catch the beasts and give em the death sentence or whatever they do in the USA. Here they'd get 2 years with good behaviour (which is any behaviour as long as it's not really bad). I'm totally sickened. :(
Used to be shoes or jackets now it's the iPods turn.::evil:: Try not to read too much cynicism in that statement please. You get lowlifes all over the world,lack of respect knows no borders.