Odd things happening.


I been having a few odd things happening with my eMac lately that I'm a little concerned about. What happened is that a few weeks ago, I had moved my computer to a new location. Just another desk from across the house. The truly odd thing though is that when I turned it on, the geometry of the screen was messed up bad. :confused: It took me a little time to just to adjust it. Unfortunately the geometry of my screen's position continues to mess up almost every time the computer wakes up from sleep mode.

Since then the computer is also freezing a lot. Something I never experienced from a Mac before. The freezing seems to be pretty random and lasts in random amounts of time. Sometimes 20 seconds, others are in the mins, and in the rarest of occasions it wont snap out of it at all.

So far I tried a few things on my own to fix this. I ran Disk Permissions several times, and just installed all my software restore CDs. This problem still continues though so I'm trying my luck here for help. I also want to share something that might be helpful. It could be my imagination but it didn't seem like I was having this type of trouble till after I bumped my screen res. from 1152 x 864 to 1280 x 960. The highest my screen will go.

My specs are this. eMac OS X 10.3.9, processor 800 Mhz G4, 768 SDRAM, and 1280 x 960 display resolution. Thank you to anyone who can help me.
Well it could be hardware related or software related. This is a weird one and i hope it can be solved software wise. I first would zap pramm or restart in Single-User mode and reset NVRAM by doing this:

Resetting NVRAM:

1. Restart your Mac by holding down the Command, Option O+F keys. Wait a few seconds and then you will enter the open firmware mode.
2. Type: reset-nvram
3. Press the Return key (this will return you to to the prompt, your nvram is now at factory default)
4. Then type: reset-all
5. Press the Return key and this will reset your logic board and PRAMM settings.

If your Mac instantly restarts it means the process was successful.

Now if either of these things don't work, the last software thing you could do is make a new user for testing. If the same thing happens again, it should be hardware related and that is a whole new thing entirely. It maybe bad RAM or a video card out of whack.
Well, I retested to NVRAM last night and so far I haven't noticed any problems. No screen troubles or freezes. I think that fixed, thanks a lot Satcomer.