Office v.X GM - Which build?


So. . .
I've been looking around Carracho for the past 2 weeks trying to figure out which build the GM is. Apparently some of the servers there are from MS employees since they knew which version it is before the company finished it.
Anyway . . . can anyone confirm which build is actually the GM that was given to distributiong today? I heard a rumor that it was beta 15 (build 13 something).
Any help would be appreciated!

Jeez, is it *THAT* important that you have it now?

I'm not saying that I have never used pirated software, but I don't run around broadcasting that fact.

"But I paid for the CD I burned it on!"
Yup, I am very excited.
I'm not saying that I will go searching for it this second (In fact, Carracho is a very bad file sharing system IMHO).
I'm just curious as to what version people were thinking the GM is, and what it actually turned out to be. In fact, since it is the biggest piece of news today (with a headline in Reuters) I thought more people would be talking about it.
If I really wanted it that badly, I would have asked someone on the board to host it (like many people already have with previous software).
I'm not advocating piriting in any way, just seeing how much more progress was made by MS from the "GM" that is commonly found on Carracho.

Gimme a break! You really care about Beta 'Pirated' builds of Office? Although, If there is any company that should be Pirated it IS M$! Go find the copy and let me know where it is, I'll take it too! Go AnTi~SofT!:cool:
Well, true, I guess beta builds do get declared GM, but wouldn't you love your little "About Office X" to read "Office v.X" instead of "Office v.X beta 15 build 5F62" or something like that?

I think Microsoft would take the "Beta" label off of the program before sending out the GMs.
... and then there was b14 (Build 1308) and a b15 (Build 131x). I guess we just wouldn't know until we buy the package. And someone posts the build number of that. ;)
Ah, ok... I didn't know that. Hehe -- I don't have any of the beta builds, so I was just going off of what I heard on this board.

How can you tell if you have a beta build then?
Take a look at one of the apps (Word, Excel, etc.) using ResEdit. Open up the Version resource, and see if it says Beta or Final.