Oh, No! No Developer CD in the Update CD!?


:eek: Help! :confused:

I was one of the lucky one to get the update CD package at the local store. But I now noticed that it only comes with the latest OS X & 9 CD, but not Developer CD!

Gawd.... I was hoping to get that for my C++ project, and the version of ProjectBuilder I have (the one came with first official MacOS X Box) doesn't bet even launch! And my project is due in a week!!! :(

And I'm such a programming novice I'm almost hesitant to buy CodeWarrior for its steep learning curve. And I don't really prefer using command line.

Is there any Developer CD somewhere on the net? Or would I have to pay $20 just to get that program? Apple Develper Connection site doesn't seem very promising for posting that ProjectBuilder on its site.

Any idea, anyone, please?

Most people think that Apple will post the Developer Tools online, although you'll have to sign up to be on the Apple Developer Connection. The time-frame for this is "soon", probably meaning days or weeks.
In my experience, if you reinstall the existing developer tools, project builder will work. The problem I have been running into, is when I try to use the c++ command in the terminal to compile my very simple beginner programs, I get an error that has nothing to do with the source code I am trying to compile. Project builder seems to work fine, however. Anyone know how I can compile my single file command line programs in project builder? The build command is grayed out when I just have a c++ file open.
Apparently, it's more fundamental than the project builder. The link loader itself is broken by the update:

% cc hello.c
/usr/bin/ld: /usr/lib/libSystem.dylib load command 6 unknown cmd field

cc -S works, so the compiler proper is OK, but the update has done something to the linker. Is this fixed by reinstalling the developer tools from 10.0.0? I'm hesitant to install old software on top of new unless somebody has already had success with it.
If someone would be kind enough to share their copy of the new Developer tools 10.1 CD with us poor souls who are stuck without a compiler, I would consider them my hero and try to pass along the favor...

I heard that Apple was going to release the OS 10.1 Developer Tools today, I tried to log into http://connect.apple.com and it is down which leads me to believe that they're preparing the ADC section for the release.

(just a wild guess, though)
From what I've read, Apple has only said that it'll be released "sometime this week". I wish the ADC being down meant the developer tools will be there soon, but it was down yesterday for me, too. I suspect there are a lot of people who got the free update that are signing up for the ADC so they can get the developer tools. This is all just guesswork, of course.