Okay I'll play....i TUNES naming tunes


So, having spent the last hour in the "did you buy, did you pay, did you pay and buy, go to innernet and pay pay buy buy" here's the deal: 1. We created some ORIGINAL MUSIC. We didn't download, purchase, steal or try to steal. So....2. There is no reason to attempt to DOWNLOAD the artist and get the NAMES of the tunes since WE DON'T EXIST. 3. I created a playlist and named the tracks. 4. I thought I saved the playlist. 5. I burned the CD to Share MY MUSIC not TUPAC or THREE CPO or whatever the name of the current flavor of the minute....6. When I load the CD into a computer other than mine instead of the name of the track, or the name of the CD I get "Track 1" and "Audio CD" as the name. Since all iTUNES help is centered around downloading the latest crap that masquerades as music, does anyone have any idea as to how to get the CD you are burning to accept the names you are calling the Tracks? So, when I give the CD to someone else it says something other than TRACK 1, 2 and so forth? This is pretty basic I am sure and pretty infantile on their part to keep me from burning CDs that has no commercial crap on it.

I just want to 1. name the tracks that i make and 2. save them so I can 3. share them. Please please please protect me from the protection!!!!!

Thanks in advance for any help. Two hours and counting....
Short answer: Nope.

Long answer: When iTunes shows you the track names of popular music artists, what it is actually doing is comparing the track times and number of cuts on the CD to all the other CDs of the CDDB (CD DataBase) on the internet. It then shows you those names, and when you rip the CD, puts those in the MP3 tags.

In order for someone you burn a CD for to see YOUR track names, you need to get your own CDDB entry on the internet. You'll have to submit your own track names.
Oops. Der. I forgot to mention that you can submit your own CD and track names by choosing "Submit CD Track Names" from the "Advanced" menu.
in Toast, as early as version 4 I think, it has a feature for text CD. But when I took it to another computer it displayed Audio Cd and track 1 etc

But on the Mac I made it on it displayed names, would that be that Toast left a catalog on the machine for it? Could that be put onto the CD as well and taken to another computer and be used? Just a thought if it's possible¿
There's always ALWAYS another $100 program that one can get that might possibly do something that someone wants to do....

In the meantime...

So, Still don't see the steps here. Do I type up the playlist (and titles of the numbers) and submit to Big Brother?

Do I have to do that in the place on iTunes that says "Artist, title, genre, blah blah blah" or can I just change the names of Track 1, 2, 3 to "Zip, zap, zing" and submit that?


So, tell me the simple steps to simply do this.
Name the tracks in iTunes, I believe.

Before you do this, though, be warned that the names and artist will only "stick" if you keep the playlist exactly the same every time you burn it. Individual tracks don't work -- the CDDB works by comparing the number of tracks, total time of the CD and individual track times to get the names of the songs, artist and album. Mix and match the songs, and it no longer works -- they have to be the same tracks in the same order every time.