OLD usb 1.1 to IDE enclosure.....


It don't have any drivers, I have no idea what company made the darn thing.

We got it about 5 years ago for our old Imac, it uses usb 1.1 only, and apparently is not plug and play for the emac I am currently using. Now, it registers as a "USB to IDE adapter" on Peripheral Vision, but mac os x does not pull it up as a hard drive or a removable drive or ANYTHING.

My digital camera's broke, so I can't find a picture of it...
It's got a clear plastic front, Imac blueberry translucent sides. That probably won't help.

It doesn't have any markings at all as to who made it or ANYTHING like that. Would there be a way to get this hard drive to work, preferable without drivers, or at least without taking the hard drive out of the enclosure and installing it into a new one? Thanks. I know this is a weird one.
Disk utility draws a blank too. I'm guessing that OS X recognizes the device, but does not recognize it as a hard disk and gets confused as to what the device is, so it does nothing. Weird, it was plug and play on OS 9....