Older Apple Computers


Just posted this to Craig's List. If anyone here is interested, post here and we can make arrangements for delivery. I just want them gone! Price highly negotiable.

"THREE older Apple computers:
-Apple IIIc with 8Mb Zip chip
-Apple Performa 475
-Apple PowerMac G3 tower

Includes: 1 Apple M9102LL/D Monitor and 1 Apple external 5" floppy drive
Also: massive amount of software on 5" and 3 ½" floppies.

All work when retired. One price takes ALL. Will NOT ship. Will deliver within 20 mile radius to a suitable PUBLIC place."


In Geostationary Orbit
Can you share did the buyers aactions and did they all come get the computers?


All sold to an organization that seeks to preserve older computers. I'm driving 2 hours, and he 2 ½ hours, to meet. A win for all.