Olympics - London 2012


What have people here made of the Olympics? Have you been following it on the TV or even managed to be there in person?

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend in person on a couple of days and have to say I was pleasantly surprised by it all, especially as I had been fairly pessimistic beforehand.

The closing ceremony is due to start soon. I've actually still not watched the opening ceremony yet (although I have it recorded), so it looks like I'll be doing things in reverse order. :)
Here in the States NBC had exclusive broadcast rights to the Olympics. Even News stories had to use still images in their Olympic coverage. Plus NBC cut part of the opening ceremony and taped delayed many events. Heck they even didn't know who Evender Holyfield was. Many US viewers wised the could have received the BBC broadcast but NBC blocked BBC America from Broadcast ANY Olympic video, even in news casts!

Now you know how why people here are cutting cords faster then one can say it. However with Comcast owning NBC, they are stopping rebroadcast of ANY Olympic coverage over the net.
The last olympcis I remember enjoying were the ones in LA - I was small, and remember mostly being allowed to be awake in the hours they were broadcast - very early hours after midnight in Europe.
After that, maybe something in Seoul... and that's about it. So I didn't watch this year's (or 2008, or 2004 etc) at all. :)