OMG! Oni for MacOSX!


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So I was browsing in the directory where OmniGroup posts 'sneakypeeks' to its software (, and guess what I saw? That's right. Oni for X, version 1.0 (seems like they're done.. it doesn't have any sp version number).

So I said to myself, "Why don't I try downloading it?" So I did. And it works. Oni w/o launching the Classic environment! It works pretty well too.. the menu screen seems to be much snappier than the OS 9 version, and the game itself is up to par with the OS 9 version (I suspect mainly because the data files are the exact same ones).

So there you have it. TRUE Oni for OS X :D (not with that annoying bug that doesn't allow Konoko to turn around more than once). I should note that OmniWeb 4.1sp5 and OmniWeb4.0.6sp1 are included here too.
It's about time something showed up. They've had something about Oni mentioned on their games page forever. So it works well? I liked the demo, but it was a little annoying with the jerky-ness. Maybe I'll buy it now...
Won't run at all for me :( bounces a few times, then quits. Doesn't even give me the application has unexpectedly quit error, so I can only assume it is terminating properly due to some internal error. Or something. I don't know
Oni for OS X seems to run (in game mode) on par with the version of OS 9. Also, the menus in the main screen seem much snappier for some reason. But it's all good. No more of that annoying only turning around once before your mouse hits the edge of the screen.
I'm sorry guys, can someone tell me what exactly Oni is? I looked on the Omnigroup site but didn't find anything about it. :confused:
Try this page. It was originally done by Bungie, but ended up getting released by GOD games. It seemed to have a nice plotline and a lot of cool moves (with a definite Japanese influence). The demo didn't run very well in OSX , so I have sort of held off on buying it.
I never really played Oni can that download play without owning a cd is it a demo or an upgrade to the actual game?
Thanks :)

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There was a post to the OmniWeb mailing list that it is for the full version only. You can probably find the demo at though, and that can give you an idea of what kind of game it is. It looks like a lot of fun, but I'd rather not switch to OS 9 just so I could play it well.
Yeah, there's a demo that's available from, but I think that this application will actually work with the demo. It's the data files that are different with the full version, so I think this application should work with the demo.. just replace the application with the application from this disk image.

Just a note, Oni DID actually run in OS X before, but there was a really annoying problem in that OS X would restrict the movement to the sides of the screen, meaning that once the 'invisible' mouse hit the edge of the screen, it wouldn't allow you to turn any longer. With Oni's version, this problem is no longer present.

Also of note, it seems cheats don't work with this application, though, so that's an annoying downside. (I just found this out.) Hopefully that's just because this release really IS a "sneaky peek".
Nah, I tried it with the demo and the Application bounced once then shrank into infinity. So I called up my friend who I lent the CD and installed the full version and it worked pretty good. The menu's seem snappier than in OS9 and the loading times are way faster. My only complaint is that the mouse seems a bit crazy.
I was holding off on buying Oni until Omnigroup got their port done. I ordered my copy Sunday night, and by Wednesday I was playing it under OS X. Works great. There is a slight stutter in the intro movies (documented bug), but the gameplay itself seems to be perfect so far.

Also got my StarTrek Voyager Elite Force Expansion pack this week, and can now play it under OS X. I love the Holomatch. Works great under OS X.

I'm LOVING the recent deluge of software for OS X. Oni, Voyager - later this month I'm getting Office, Suitcase, WorldBook and I just saw in Macmall that they are taking orders for Via Voice for OS X.

Yeah baby!