Ongoing problems with iMac G5 Superdrive


Hello everyone!

I bought by iMac G5 w/superdrive many months ago. The first time I tried burning a DVD I came across the error (see attachment). However, just when I was going to return the Mac and replace the drive, I tried to burn something else, and it worked. I put it down to crappy DVDs, and that still may be true, because I can't pinpoint exactly when it will and won't come up with this error.

Tonight I burnt a 4.2GB VIDEO_TS folder and all went well, but then I went to burn the next VIDEO_TS folder I needed (3.9GB) and the error came up. Tried on 2x and 4x, and have wasted 4 discs. Is it possible the files themselves are to blame - some sort of corruption?

I guess what I'm wondering is if this error indicates a hardware error, a software error (Toast or corrupt files), or bad DVD-R media.

Most of the time it works, the error is rare, but occurs often enough for me to be too scared to ever burn above 2x speed! I have always been suspect of a vertical-DVD burner...

Any ideas are appreciated :)


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True, but I really want to avoid all that hassle if it isn't necessary.

I have an update that seems to indicate that its the DVD-R media. I tried burning the same data onto a verbatim DVD-RW at 2x and it worked. I then tried copying the files onto a TDK DVD-R (same brand that failed the previous 4 times) and it failed again with the same message.

But what confuses me is that I buy these TDK Discs because I never had a problem with them on my eMac at any speed. So I wonder if maybe the burner is just much more sensitive, perhaps a trade-off for being vertical, as opposed to horizontal?

I have no idea how it all works - so I could be full of BS. Are there any other iMac users who have had the same problems?