OpenGL Video Drivers for ATI non-128

Jeff Ulrikson

Anyone know how to install video hardware drivers for OpenGL in MaccOS X? Apparently Apple didn't provide any for the ATI Rage Pro (Standard in the Rev C and D iMacs). They only provided drivers for the ATI128 (Standard in everything since the Rev D).
So, I want hardware OpenGL on my iMac too!! I need it for developing....
so what can we do? Ask people for workaround drivers from the unix world and everyone with a Rage PRO please send feedback to Apple!!!!!!!

I do that often, and always about the Rage PRO thing!!!!

Please help me to get hardware OpenGL on iMacs Rev A-D, some powerbooks and ibooks!! We need it, and still not here in OS X 10.1!!
No openGL for raqe pro. Harrumph. That is the second video card in my b & w g3.

I guess that explains why everything slows to a crawl as soon as opeGL graphics show up on the second monitor...
Mac OS X 10.1 (Build 5G64) [This is SUPPOSEDLY the GM folks] does NOT have Rage Pro OpenGL drivers. Trust me. I know. I'm using it RIGHT NOW. ONLY software rendering works. No hardware accelleration.

In any case, my original post was made almost a year ago. Why the sudden interest after being ignored for so long?!?
Hm, I wasn't here before...

I search for Rage PRO drivers, always write feedback to Apple (feedback form to OS X at and I thought it would be fixed in 10.1. But I heard not, so I wanted to know, if there is any way, to get some 3rd party drivers. Maybe from the Unix World or Rage128 hacked to Rage64...
If there is no way, I will continue writing feedback: Great OS, nice look and feel, a little slow, but I need RagePRO OpenGL!!
Please help and keep writing feedback! I need it for Game Development, because of Quesa (Open Source QD3D implementation based on OpenGL) and I can't afford a new Mac at the moment. I am saving for a G4 Cube from a friend....

iMac Rev D.
192 MB RAM
10 GB OS 9.1&Apps
25 GB Data&Backups
Extremely annoying... Per this URL:

... the news is not good:

Q3: Which ATI graphics products have 2D and 3D support under OS X?

ATI and Apple® have worked together to provide built-in 2D, 3D, and QuickTime™ acceleration support on OS X for all RADEON™, RAGE™ 128 PRO, and RAGE™ 128 based products (this includes RAGE™ ORION, NEXUS 128™, XCLAIM™ VR 128, RADEON™ MAC EDITION AGP and RADEON™ MAC EDITION PCI). It is not ATI’s intention to provide OS X support for RAGE™ PRO based products.

This just gets better and better. What with that and no support for my Umax scanner, why on earth would I EVER want to migrate to OS X?!?
Just seems to me, that Apple is totally abandoning everyone with an old mac. :mad: I have an iMac bondi 333 with rage PRO too (never was a good graphics card...) No wonder my quicktime movies play slow, and I cant seem to play any 3d games.
Damn. Thought the card was supported. Damn. If anyone finds out about drivers of any sort, please email me ( Thanks.

the Apple guys are mostly my heroes, but sometimes they REALLY suck!
Well you were going fine but you hit a speed bump and rolled a little. Mac OS 10.0.0-10.0.4 did not have any support for the AtI Rage Pro (LT) chipset. Though Mac OS 10.1.0 does take advantage of your GPU now but..........................there is no OpenGL graphics acceleration. Not a big difference but yet it is. Apple provided hardware acceleration with the Rage Pro in Mac OS 10.1 (and it might even include QuickTime and other non-OpenGL acceleration) but OpenGL drivers are unfound in this current build.

My proof (go here to see proof):

::You must do this using Mac OS 10.1 Build 5G64::

localhost(your omputer)-->hard drive(your Mac OS X drive)-->System-->Library-->Extensions-->

There is: (Where, I believe, GA=Graphics, a.k.a hardware, Acceleration and GLDriver=OpenGL hardware accleration Drivers)


So it is lacking


I put feedback of this immediately after seeing this problem wasn't assessed even in 10.1. Now all we have to do is get my iMac some drivers. I have an iMac revision A (ATI Rage IIC with 6MB upgraded from 2MB)

P.S. I gotta get a RADEON for my Power Mac G4 Sawtooth (AGP) as right now I just noticed hardware DVD decoding with the RADEON is actually supported.