Opinions On Encryption And Firewall?


Hello, other than work computers, I have just received my first new home iMac in 7 years (I believe my ninth home mac overall). Since my old 2009 Mac, I haven't really worried about security beyond strong passwords and changing them often. Of course the world is changing. I know I could Google this, but you all are my trusted experts

So, my question is, should I be using either/or the Firewall and encrypting my drive?
What are the risks/benefits?
Will either cause any difficulties, performance issues?

EDIT - okay now I feel stupid since I did google this and understand what to do, but of course I can't delete the thread!
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Perhaps a good way to close this out would be to tell us what you decided for yourself.
(There's lots of room for opinions here!)


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I use the Firewall at home and work. I do not use encryption. I don’t keep anything on my machine that is highly sensitive.


Every so often I do a global search of my computer for any reference to my credit card and debit card numbers, and delete any that are found, but not much else. The firewall gets left in default setting.