OS 10.1 STILL slow


Hi i installed 10.1 and i reformatted and did a clean install and it was fast for a lil, but the finder is still slow when i drag windows, and scroll on pages and things of the such its not as fast as lets say a win2k machine, thats instant. This is SLOW. Im thinking it may be that i only have 256 ram in my 500mhz powerbook g4, but who knows, i even put in that code that was posted on www.macnn.com a while back about the switching of ram or something i dunno, they said it sped up programs that werent in use for a while.

thanks if you can help me figure out why, this is my second install of os 10.1

Re-sizing windows, yes, is still a little sluggish. Menus open faster, and the overall system feels a little snappier, but if you're expecting to fly about the finder like you did in OS 9, you've got another thing coming. This OS has only been out a short while and probably won't reach "lightning-speed" until a year or so down the road.

I noticed a HUGE difference in speed going from 256MB of RAM to 640MB of RAM... It was like night and day. I NEVER have any pageouts, and I doubt my VM even swaps at all...

Try slapping a 512MB chip in that 'book of yours and I'd bet that'd help. Hell, I'm on a G4/400 PCI machine, and OS X 10.1 is VERY useable. In fact, it's my primary OS and I can only wait and see what Apple has planned in the future.

Good luck!
i have pbg4 500 with 768 ram with a clean install of 10.1 and things are by and large zippy. interestingly, filemaker windows resize at lightspeed, but omniweb and mail still lag a bit.

crank up the ram, and if you are running omniweb sp4.1 then make sure and close it every once in a while because of the memory loss issue.

i noticed a big difference in speed when i plopped that 512 chip in my pb.