OS 10.3 won't install on Beige G3. *sigh*...


I'm Spartacus!
Okay, first my computer specs, and then the problem.

*I have a G3 beige Mac, logic board revision 1, 266MHZ processor, 6MB Video RAM, 416MB system RAM, 120GB hard drive, OS 9.2.2. (I also have 2 seperate 6Gig drives at my disposel)

*Here's what happens when I try doing a clean install of Panther (10.3) using xpostfacto and the CD/DVD drive from a G5. Note that the DVD drive works fine when installing OS 9.2.2 and OS 10.2. Also note that when trying to install with OS 10.2 already on the partition, things get real ugly...

Anyway, I launch xpostfacto, select a drive, and then tell it to install OS 10.3 on the selected drive. Xpostfacto installs the extensions and proceeds to restart the computer. Then the restarted G3 shows "verbose mode" for a while and then goes to the blue install screen.

(So far so good). I pick the language I want "English" and the install process proceeds to the next window, saying that its reading the packages, and an inert text says welcome to OS X install, we hope you like us, or some such thing.

Then the bad thing happens. The installer goes to a contingency window that says "Bundled Software cannot be installed on this computer." After that, the computer steadily goes down hill to the point where it would just make a sound of breaking glass and not start up. I've gotten all that taken care of now and Have OS 9.2.2 on one partition and OS 10.2 on another working quite well.

Is OS 10.3 just never going to happen? Can I just replace the ROM from a newer G3 to make it work? How is it that people whoes computers have a G3 upgrade can get xpostfacto to install and run OS 10.3 and my real G3 won't even let it install?

My primary question is: Has anyone else out there with a computer just like mine gotten OS 10.3 or higher to run or even fully install? HOW?

Thanks in advance for reading this far and for any help. I just really want to get 10.3 working so I can use QuickTime 7...
Maybe the 'bundled software' is your clue. This statement would mean that the Panther CD that you want to use is grey, and has a Mac model name on the label (like Emac, or iBook G4)? Am I correct? If yes, then you would need a full Panther installer, which does not have bundled software. If your Panther installer is black with a Silver X across the label, then I don't know...
Yes! It IS a greay installer that says "G5" on it. So I guess the only thing it will install on is a G5... :( Is there any way I could burn it onto another DVD minus the software package that makes it G5 specific? Hummmm. How do I get one of those black universal installer DVDs, or do you think there's a way to get around the G5 specific nature of the grey installer I have?
Doing what you are asking would be illegal (even if possible), and a quick way to possibly get in trouble on this site. Try and see about shelling out the cash for a legit full version of the Mac OS X install CD. You could also look at getting Panther (10.3) also since it might end up being cheaper than Tiger.
My Panther OS isn't being used right now because I'm running Tiger on my G5 instead. So although Panther came with the G5, I'm now running Tiger on the G5 and Panther is collecting dust while not being run on any computer. Now I ask you, how would it be in any way illegal to run my purchased Panther OS on my G3? Note that it would be running on only one computer, my G3.
Well... The Panther license came with a G5. It's bound to be run on that and is not "freed" by not running on the G5. If you bought Panther regardless of what computer it runs on, I guess it would be different. Hm. I guess it's a personal decision. What happens if you deselect about all software and just try to install the basic OS?
I don't know. Unless I have a legal copy of the CDs, I wouldn't purchase a machine without the actual CDs included. That is, unless I wanted to run Linux on it. :p
lol, Linux rocks! :) Unfortunatly, the only thing I can select before the contingency window appears is the language I want the OS in. Oh well. I guess I'll get another Bran-spankn'-new Panther install package. I hope I can get a student discount.
I don't have linux on my Mac, I do have it on my PC though. I'm currently running Gentoo. I have to admit that my friend plays a pretty big part in helping me with installations though. He's much more code savvy than I am. But hey, the important part is that the PC is using Linux instead of Windows. I have to run windows for certain games though of course. :D
If you do get a retail version of panther for that machine, keep this in mind. The boot partition for X has to be 8 gig or smaller and also reside on the first partition of the master drive on the IDE chain. I think that XPF has now made it possible to not be restricted to an 8 gig partition but i believe it still has to be the first partition on the master drive.

Thanks for the $0.02. Yah I found that out when installing OS 10.2. It's really not a problem for me right now though cause I'm still going to primarily use OS 9.2.2. Right now I'm just trying to familerize my self with the OS X layout and have an OS installed that supports QuickTime 7. I'll probably use OS X a little more though once my upgrades arrive in the mail. ROM upgrade, video card, memory. :D