Os X 10.3.9 Server


I've just installed OS X server 10.3.9, and am having trouble setting up the ftp, specifically for windows users to access. It functions fine when mac users attempt to connect, but windows users don't get any field to enter username/password information. This leads to an error that says "Guest Access is not allowed".

I've got smb enabled at the sharepoint and smb guest access turned on.

Any suggestions?
Thanks for the info.

It does request a password when I type in 'ftp://username@ftpaddress.com'. However, that's a hard fact for some of our windows clients to understand. Is there any way to have the server request both usernamen and password, upon the windows user just entering 'ftp://ftpaddress.com' into their browser?

From a windows machine, other ftp sites that I hit do request both a usernamd and password.

thanks again.
Hmm... mine requests both username and password when I do that, so I don't know exactly what the problem could be.

Can the Windows clients possibly use an FTP client program instead of using Internet Explorer?