os x 10.7.3 shutdown does not happen


com.apple.applepushserviced Mach service is still active

The above is found in my shutdown log at the same time I experience disconnect from my wifi router and the spinning beach ball, a lot. I have checked disk permissions and repaired. I have cleaned up all information logs. I have reset pram and nvram. I have ran in single user mode and verbose mode. I have checked with several forums and found that no one has a real handle on this problem. The forums have mentioned iTunes, Safari, Microsoft Office, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and apple corp itself. I have bootcamp on this machine running windows 7 professional and I don't experience any of these problems which really frustrates me that Windows can run cleaner than OS X (10.7.3). I use my computer every where from 6 to 10 hours a day and I don't understand why Apple is having so many problems. I sure I sound like a windows freak but I have several Apple products and find when it is working it works better than windows. Someone said to reinstall OS X from a clean disk but I have over 350 GByte of music and documents and photographs that will take a couple of days to backup and restore from scratch. Any help would be appreciated.

I don't experience any of these problems which really frustrates me that Windows can run cleaner than OS X (10.7.3).

A single problem does not indicate that one operating system, as a whole, runs "cleaner" than another.

With that being said, more details about the specific conditions that exist when you try and shut down would be nice. For example, how many and what programs are running when you try and shut down? If more than 0, have you tried quitting all applications first, making sure they're no longer running, then issuing the shut down command? Does the computer shut down "cleanly" then?
I have stopped all apparent applications using the activity monitor application. I have ran repair disk permissions from the disk utility application successfully. I have monitored the console application to see if any problems are apparent and I found the note that was posted in the original post. I have several programs loaded on this MBP but they aren't running at shutdown request time. Thanks for your suggestions George
Try this:

Create a new user account on the machine (regular or administrator, it doesn't matter), then log in under that new user account.

Once logged in from that user account, try a shutdown of the machine. Does it successfully shut down? If so, that points to something specific to your other user account that's preventing the machine from shutting down. If not, that points to something more system-wide that is preventing a normal shutdown.

Also, what happens if you try to shut down from the login screen (without having any user logged in)?