OS X.2 some new stuff not mentioned


back on the spam...

Right now I get spam about once every few weeks. I used to get a lot more, but I finally ditched my email forwarding, ditched my road runner account and decided to make a temporary spam account on my domain, use it until it got plugged and then delete it and start over.

I did this for a little while. Then at some point I was feeling particularly unimaginative and I created an account called temp@mydomain.com I've used this account for quite some time and bought a fair amount of stuff through it. For some reason I never get any spam on it. :confused:


I heard that new Hotmail accounts will be a pay service (not sure if it's true) but old accounts will remain free unless they go over two months without being accessed. Just a rumor I heard, don't quote me...

On web forms, I like using abuse@their_domain.com -- eat your own spam, you curs! :D


and now yahoo mesenger suport webcams.
i am running a Logitech 3000 with ioxperts driver