OS X and Amiga memories


I was just thinking of one reason why OS X 10.1 makes me so happy. I may be showing my age here, but OS X reminds me a lot of my two Amigas from about ten years ago. A Unix variant with a pretty (for its day) and functional GUI, all kinds of shells, true multi-tasking...

With OS X, it took a week to get used to the fact that I really could multitask, especially when copying large files or installing an application, but now its all coming back to me from my Amiga days. Of course OS X seems far more solid than the Amiga OS, and my G4 450 is a lot faster than my Amiga 2000 (except for resizing a few windows here and there), but those Amiga guys really had something - all the way back in the eighties! If only OS X could replicate the Amigas ability to grab a whole screen and just swipe it out of the way!

Some say their idea of promoting such a powerful little computer as "the ultimate game machine" was not the best strategy, but maybe it really was just "ahead of its time."

However, before you all think I'm one of those militant diehard Amiga hold outs (that I kind of admire and feel sorry for at the same time), I finally gave in a long time ago, sold my Amiga and replaced it with the then new Mac Classic (needed it primarily for midi and work in adaptive technology) and although I gave up color, multi tasking, gobs of speed, and dedicated chips for audio and video, I found I was far more productive with that little Mac and the other four Macs that followed.

If computers are like girlfriends (or boyfriends, whatever your preference...), the Amiga will always be like a hot summer fling that we both new was too good to last... and don't even get me started on thinking about my Quadra 660 AV!

Can't believe I'm actually posting this.
... if computers are like girlfriends...

my first love was a Macintosh Plus. but she was in love with someone else. my first girlfriend was an Atari 1040 STf. I had some wild nights back then. I left her for an Amiga 2000 myself, but I eventually grew up and went out with a powerbook. and tell you what: i went out with powerbooks ever since. :)

but let's not move on too far with that picture. because as soon as i say i'm married to my tibook, i might need a divorce when the next tibook after the 667 comes out. ;)
I love my amiga :D
eerrmm...well... I dont really have an amiga, but rather an amiga emulator :p
My best friend had an Amiga 500 (customized the heck out of her) and we used to spend hours each day in the summers playing games on it. I was always envious and wanted an amiga too :p

I now have an amiga emulator and amiga games to play :D
Amiga Classix packs he he ;)

Karavite, I too understand your memories and disappointments about miga not being around..
Well just to let you know, alot of hardcore Amiga users refused to say die (a bit passionate like us mac ppl ehh)!

I wont say more but just goto www.amiga.com
and you'll see that Amiga you love has been funded to mature and run on PPC chips now called Amiga OS v.4.

The hardware can be bought now to upgarde your older Amiga and newer agp featured AmigaONE boxes are in the makings.
I'm excited about it, and so should you.

Imagine building a PPC computer at pc prices...:eek:
Ah, I see, Kryke is a "lap man." All right!

I suspect I'm a little older than you, so I prefer coming home after a long day at work to the stability and security of a nice warm tower...

I used to have a page on my web site where I actually listed my history of 12 computers and compared them to girlfriend types (had some extra time). That site is down, but I do have the files here - I'll try and post them this weekend and send you a link.

By the way, my first love was also an Atari - 800Xl (your girlfrinds older sister?). The text from my web page stated:

My very first computer, the Atari 800XL (Atari 800 shown). When I turned it on, it had a little green command line that said "Ready" and that was about it. I wrote a lot of little Basic programs for it, but I had to save them on the cassette tape drive. The 5.25" single sided floppy drive was $500, but the computer only cost $175.

Girlfriend analogy - first love with whom I explored those awkward, though memorable, first ever "Night Moves."
Thanks Outsider - but it just may be too painful for me now to see how my old flame has gone on without me. I'll try, I'll try...:D
Your old flame has started to slut around and mess with PPC and x86 arcitecture.

as of now: You can run UAE amiga emulator on a mac.

you can buy upgrade G3 cards to upgrade Amiga 1200-4000's, also add matrox, voodoo cards to it.

You can install Amiga ontop of linux for x86.

as of soon:
You will be able to buy Amiga v.4 that will be pure PPC based.

Amigaone is what the new hardware will be called which is the motherboard but you can build the rest yourself like pc's and macs can.

A new Amiga language like JAVA thats platform unbias called Amiga DE is being developed.

Amiga is sick of slutting around, it wants you to take her back, take her back and love her once again...And meet her child called Amiga DE.;)
But Outsider - I'm married now, settled down with my G4. Sure we have our little disagreements, the romance is less than when we first met, but nobody could keep up that pace. Sure OS X 10.1 was like a dose of Viagra, but do I dare throw it all away and take the chance?

I feel guilty enough after whoring around with this PC laptop all day at work.
Dang :p you two are geeks :p
Listen to you talking about computers like girls he he

chekc out www.softhut.com and see the "AMIthlon OS XL" which is an amiga emulator + QNX + lots of modz + + + + ... $140 lol... "fastest amiga ever".

As for the amigaDE... I heard rumors of it being on sharp PDAs a while ago.
I have a friend who is among the Amiga "die-hards." He still uses his Amiga (can't remember which one) to do graphics and CAD work.
I keep telling him to try a Mac, but he's faithful to his first love.

My wife became a computer progarmmer just to compete with my ol' Mac SE, but I won't get into that.

I find it intersting that Amiga and Next were considered ahead of their time. It turns out Apple and IBM were and have been behind the times. Unix style operating systems and dedicated io subsystems have been around since the seventies.

Amiga and Next built intellegent systems. Apple, IBM, amd MS cut corners.

My two cents :)
Jove - you are right. Interesting to see how IBM (supporting open source) and Apple (OS X) are changing their ways now. Microsoft? Another story.

To anyone - you know what, I may just try out an Amiga Emulator - any advice? There was this silly old Amiga game called Sinbad or something where you would meet the mother of the princess who would mildy seduce you during this absolutely hilarious and cheesy "dream sequence." No matter how many times Isaw that, I couldn't stop laughing.
They're still charging for Amiga stuff? Good grief.

I've never used an Amiga, and I'd love to try an emulator, but I'm not going to pay just to try out a decade-old operating system. If I wanted to do that, I'd buy MacOS 9.

Originally posted by karavite
I was just thinking of one reason why OS X 10.1 makes me so happy. I may be showing my age here, but OS X reminds me a lot of my two Amigas from about ten years ago. A Unix variant with a pretty (for its day) and functional GUI, all kinds of shells, true multi-tasking...

AmigaOS was not a Unix variant. But an incredible machine/OS it was.
No, the amiga was not a UNIX variant. It was its own OS made only for amiga machines, much like the MacOS is made only for macs.
Ok, ok, okay! I found this posting via Google and I think this explains where my misunderstanding comes from:

Great parts of AmigaOS were
originally compiled with the Greenhill compiler on Sun3 workstations,
and not on Amiga. So the major part was to make that compiler work on
NetBSD/amiga, which was not that big a deal, because NetBSD/amiga is
binary compatible with Sun3 binaries (m68k).
AmigaOS programs were _not_ made to run on NetBSD, nothing of it was
ported to NetBSD, it was just built.

This has nothing at all to do with porting the core of the AmigaOS operating
system to another hardware platform.
Admiral K is UAE carbonized yet or have u heard any plans too?
Is your Amiga forever kit the same as UAE?
Whats the diff?