OS X freezes on startup (Initializing Network)


I've got a problem. I was fooling around with the TCP/IP pane in System Preferences, and I think I messed up OS X. I'm on a dialup, and I was just fooling around trying to set the Connection to Manual in TCP/IP, and I entered a bogus ip because it kept asking for one ( Then I restarted and now OS X won't get past the part on the startup screen where it says 'Initializing Network'. It just hangs there forever.

Does anyone know what I could do? I'm in OS 9 now (held down option key at startup) and I can't back into OS X. How can I activate the login screen when I have it turned off? Is there a key I can hold down for it so I can login as someone else? Is there anyway to change the preference so OS X will startup?
same thing happened to me and i ended up reinstalling macos x. bummer. you might want to try holding down 's' when you start up (to start up in single user mode). i don't know anything about unix so i don't know what good that'll do, but it may let you bypass the network initalization part

best of luck
My OSX machine @ home is connected up to the net via my iMac running os 9 & IP Net Router. However when the imac is not on my machine believes its IP # is and tries to check things out. It pauses for a few minutes then gives up the ghost & continues booting as normal.

Hope this points you in some direction?!..
But if you give OS X a bogus TCP/IP configuration, it takes a LONG (like ten minutes) time to time out. If you don't have a valid configuration, you're much better off leaving TCP/IP with "No network" set. Otherwise it will appear to hang like this every time you log in. This is not cause to reinstall; it's just cause to make sure your TCP/IP configuration is valid.
i had the same problem.. got my name server ips wrong and it took FOREVER to timeout.. couldn't get back into network prefs to fix it either.

turning the hub and router off seemed to help things, and i was finally able to get back in and fix it.
Me too, but after more than ten minutes it was still searching.
I just end up reinstalling MacOS X
I won't touch this part of system preference anymore
I've had the same thing. When you say it takes "FOREVER" to time out, can you quantify that? I did the same thing and messed about with the Network preferences. I can restart holding "s" as suggested to try and bypass this but I need to know what to enter then - I don't know Unix at all.

Thanks a million