OS/X Help - Error File name too long - copying dvd cd


I burned some files on an XP machine to a DVD. When I open the DVD, in finder, on my MAC running OS/X 10.3.9 with all updates, when I click on some of the files they disappear. (this happens when file names are too long -- but, from what I gather OS/X supposed to support 255 character names just like XP)

On the XP machine I can double click the files (which are videos) on the DVD itself or the hard drive and they run fine.

When I put the DVD into my MAC I get the damned error. I do know XP supports 255 character file names and Apple says OS/X supports 255 character filenames, but Apple is wrong, OS/X doesn't in this case. -- Thus supporting the fact that OS/X doesn't "truly" support filenames with 255 characters.

When i open my bash shell and try to copy the files with "cp" I get the error "File name too long" and the files will not copy.

I've googled over and over with no solution, other than my theory of going back to the original XP machine, renaming the files, and burning the DVD again.

There has to be another solution or work-around.

Any suggestions?

-Just another FRUSTRATED Mac user finding out that all [a-Z]pples have rotten spots.