OS X on a PowerMac 8500?





I was wondering if anyone has had any luck with installing OS X on a Power Mac 8500. Here are the specifications I know of

Processor Overview:

PowerPC 750 Processor
PowerLogix G3 350 Mhz processor card installed
Processor version number:0x00088300

Cache Overview:

Backside Cache Size: 512K
Backside Cache Speed: 233Mhz [3:2]
Motherboard Cache Size: REMOVED

Motherboard Overview:

Machine ID: 69
Model Name: Power Macintosh 8500
Bus Speed: 47 Mhz


Available Built In Memory: 72 MB
Virtual Memory Max: 996 MB
Virtual Memory Set To: 500 MB
RAM Disk: Off

Please let me know of any sucesses and failures and if you have had sucess please give me a step by step way of how to install it.

Also, do I need to make a backup copy of my HD before I install OS X? Are there any risks involved?

Thanks :p
I installed Mac OS X on my Powermac 8600 with a 400 (300) MHz Powerlogix card, with a hack I found at http://homepage.mac.com/RyanRempel/OldWorld/Instructions.html . The same guy who made this, made a Backside Cache driver too, to make G3/G4-upgraded Powermacs run at full speed. The installation process on an old mac is a little complicated, you will need to format and partition your HD and such things. So if you don't have any HD you can format and experiment with, then this will be hard. But, I've made a CD with the hack installed, so you don't need to do all this stuff, so if you want it, I can send you a copy of the CD. Mail me at macosx@macosx.com .