OS X will not automatically go into sleep...only manually


This just started happening.

My computer will no longer automatically go into sleep. However, the computer will go into sleep if I manually put it into sleep.

I have the screen saver set to go off after 10mins, display powerdown after 30mins, and hard disk/system sleep after 50mins.

The screen saver will still kick in when it is supposed to, the monitor will go into sleep mode when it is supposed to as well, but the computer/hard drive will no longer go into sleep mode when it is supposed to. The weird thing is that this just started happening.

Could it be any program that I am running.....I wouldn't think so, because I have tried it with most programs no longer running besides CPU Monitor, IE, and Itunes.

What could be causing this all of a sudden?

Any help would be appreciated.

I may be wrong, but I would think iTunes would keepit awake. Actually, I just tried iTunes 2, and my computer didn't go to sleep at all (monitor or anything). May just be a quirk with my system, I suppose. but needless to say, I switched back to Audion immediately.
I've noticed the issue with iTunes as well. Except it only prevents monitor power-down while it's playing tunes. Quite annoying. As soon as I stop it playing, the power-saving features will then start happening.

I've also noticed that IE will keep the harddrive from spinning down if it's doing refreshes of whatever page it happens to be pointed to.

The powersaving features of OSX have a ways to go yet...
Well, my Lombard has never gone to sleep on its own if I have anything running at all. The only way it'll go to sleep on it's own is if I close all running apps. It's been like this since the days of running 8.6
I noticed this problem and yesterday I happened to notice that it seemed to only happen when iTunes was open. I shut down iTunes and walked away...came back an the system was in sleep mode. So it looks like iTunes is the culprit