OS X wont read a DVD-R burned on a Windows machine?

mac mini n00b

I have several DVD-R's with files Ive backed up and such on my Windows machine, but OSX wont read them, why not?


U.S.D.A. Prime
Did you "close" the sessions on the PC, or did you leave the disk open for appending at a later date? Mac OS X doesn't like media that hasn't been "finalized" or "closed."


In addition to Caca's excellent thoughts, I've found that media
makes a difference. I have a stack of DVD-Rs that work nicely
on Wintel machines, on consumer DVD player/recorders,
and on my superdrive-equipped G4. Combo drives and read-
only drives ignore them.

I use them only to make discs guaranteed not to go to a Mac.


What are some media known to work well with the G4 Superdrive and DVD players? Just got the G4 and haven't bought any DVDs yet.


Mike, I have a variety of DVD players of various ages, and I've found
it most general to burn like Florida retirees drive -- low and slow.

I've had the best luck with Samsung DigitAll 4.7gb DVD-Rs 1-X from
meritline.com (about 50 cents each). I haven't seen a play failure from
any of those burned on any device.