OS X wont read a DVD-R burned on a Windows machine?


U.S.D.A. Prime
Did you "close" the sessions on the PC, or did you leave the disk open for appending at a later date? Mac OS X doesn't like media that hasn't been "finalized" or "closed."


In addition to Caca's excellent thoughts, I've found that media
makes a difference. I have a stack of DVD-Rs that work nicely
on Wintel machines, on consumer DVD player/recorders,
and on my superdrive-equipped G4. Combo drives and read-
only drives ignore them.

I use them only to make discs guaranteed not to go to a Mac.


What are some media known to work well with the G4 Superdrive and DVD players? Just got the G4 and haven't bought any DVDs yet.


Mike, I have a variety of DVD players of various ages, and I've found
it most general to burn like Florida retirees drive -- low and slow.

I've had the best luck with Samsung DigitAll 4.7gb DVD-Rs 1-X from
meritline.com (about 50 cents each). I haven't seen a play failure from
any of those burned on any device.